Multi-DNC v7.0 for Windows XP / 2000 / NT / 98…… is a 32 bit multi-threaded communications and file management system enabling simultaneous uploads and downloads to multiple CNC controls.

Multi-DNC v7.0 - Using the Remote feature of Multi-DNC, your operator can send, receive, run “drip feed” DNC communications and execute other functions directly from their CNC controls without having to walk back to the DNC computer. The CAD/CAM programmer is not interrupted by CNC operators asking for tapes, or to send and receive his CNC programs from the CAD/CAM workstation.

Multi-DNC v7.0 includes an Editor, Backplotter, File Compare, and the evaluation software Job BASE SE for “paperless” manufacturing.

Multi-DNC v7.0 is easily connected to CAD/CAM systems over industry standard networks and is available in a Client-Server configuration.

Job BASE enables the creation of “Jobs”, which are associated files of CNC Programs, CAD Drawings, Setup Sheets, Tool Lists, Digital Pictures of Setups all linked together under a Job Name and description and stored in a SQL database. A Job is a single operation with not only the CNC Programs sent to a Machine Connection, but also all supporting shop floor “electronic” documents pertaining to that Job.

With the addition of the Machine Monitoring option, important Machine Event data such as which program is running, spindle on and off indication, Cycle time and Machine Alarms are also written to an SQL database. Reports can be generated from an IE Browser from anywhere in the world.

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